Top 5 Online Payday Loans

With the economy being the way it is nowadays, it’s not surprising that some of us will find ourselves in a rough patch every now and then. We all could use someone to tide us over from time-to-time, but sometimes standard bank loans just aren’t the best fit for the situation. 

Be it the penalties imposed by a poor or non-existent credit score, stifling approval periods or inflexible repayment plans, Uncle Sam isn’t always the best choice. Private lenders that offer services to circumvent these obstacles are a welcome and appreciated alternative. However, in an industry notorious for being a veritable minefield of frauds, scams and fly-by-night operations, separating the chaff from the wheat proves to be a daunting task all by itself. Getting decent online payday loans is not an easy task but we have certainly narrowed down the list here.

Fret not, for we have compiled a list of the Top 5 most credible and reliable lenders as proven by clients’ and panel reviews. Each lender has been comprehensively researched and cross-referenced based on reliability, efficiency and quality of service. So stringent is our selection criteria that we had to trim the original Top 10 list down to the remaining 5 that you see here. We seek only the best for our readers.

What every lender should be

Lend Up is one of the first online private lenders to have differentiated itself from the rest of the competition simply by being what every lender should aspire to be: simple, reliable and honest. Whereas the majority of payday lenders fail to make good on their promises, Lend Up actually delivers.

Lend Up offers honest-to-goodness same-day approval for all loans, a flexible loan period dictated purely by the borrower, and much more reasonable fees compared to standard payday lenders. On top of all that, it doesn’t discriminate based on credit score. While a good score will get you better rates, poor scores won’t be an automatic veto factor. This is a godsend to those who are in need of assistance but are unable to receive any due to a flawed system, as well as offering a safe and reliable avenue to build good credit.

The icing on the cake is the Lend Up Ladder, a reward program that offers increasing perks to returning clients. The more one borrows and punctually repays, the more brownie points you accumulate which in turn allow you to scale up the rungs of the Ladder, starting from Silver. The higher you climb, the higher you maximum loan cap, the longer your maximum loan period and best of all, the lower your interest.

It has even raised over $50 million to disrupt its shady payday counterparts – a business that runs a clean ship, with plenty of features, a rewards program AND a social mission. is definitely a top-tier lender. 

First Choice Capital Resources

For when you require a larger loan

For those who seek a more substantial sum than what most payday lenders are prepared to offer, First Choice Capital Resources is definitely worth the time to check out. Most payday lenders are prepared to grant only a maximum of perhaps several hundred dollars per transaction, demanding collateral for additional figures. Often, the value of the fronted collateral will be grossly out of proportion to the sum you’re asking for in the first place – and the lenders will still be all too eager to confiscate it should you slip up on payments.

Why expose yourself to unnecessary risks? First Choice is a reputable lender that is prepared to offer up to $2500 with no additional input from the borrower’s end. An established player in the industry, all one has to do is stipulate the desired sum, loan period and will receive same-day approval with no strings attached. Good credit scores are a plus but being on the opposite end of the spectrum by no means makes one ineligible either. 

Credible, efficient and simple, First Choice definitely lives up and deserves its name.

For the truly big ticket purchases

The above mentioned lenders are good for mid to low-level expenditure, but where does one turn to when he needs a seriously large amount, such as enough to finance a car and yet doesn’t have the credit rating to receive a favourable loan from a bank?

Long Term Lenders has got you covered, perhaps the first of its kind, they offer same-day approved, no credit check loans up to a staggering maximum of $30,000. True to its name, loan periods are equally generous and flexible, with clients able to specify anywhere from months to years, depending on their preferences. And yes, loans are indeed approved on the same day with no discrimination towards low credit scores.

It’s rare for private lenders to offer such large sums whilst still maintaining fantastic ease of use and accelerated service. It’s even rarer for such lenders to be as well established and reputable. is definitely a key industry player and a trustworthy source for anyone desiring a loan.

A fine example of an honest, reliable lender

100 Day Loans offers expedited same-day approval for a wide array of loan options. It is the hallmark of a good lender to put choice and control in the hands of the client, and to that end 100 Day Loans performs exceedingly well. Loan periods are solely up to the borrower’s discretion and can be as short as a matter of days or last as long as months, depending on individual needs. 

Operating similar to a payday system but with the distinction of actually delivering its promises, 100 Day Loans does indeed offer same-day approval as advertised. Whereas most payday lenders brazenly tout this claim without making good on their word, 100 Day Loans consistently ensures that the stipulated sum is transferred to clients’ accounts within 24 hours, exactly as promised. Fees are also much more reasonable as compared to their payday counterparts.

Another rare gem that distinguishes itself from the rest of the oft-criticized industry simply by being what every good business should aspire to be. Transparent and honest service is becoming an increasingly uncommon practice in the industry, which makes us all the more appreciative when it does finally surface. is an outstanding company.

Generous and flexible installment-based repayment scheme

Cash Mojo shares the distinction of offering reliable and honest service in an industry plagued by a never-ending stream of unscrupulous frauds and scams, along with the rest of the entries on this list. It also offers the same attractive services, with heavily customizable loan options, same-day payment approval as well as being receptive to all credit scores good or bad.

Even within the pantheon of featured lenders, however, Cash Mojo manages to stand out further with its unique and very agreeable repayment plans. Cash Mojo offers an installment-based repayment scheme which gives clients the option of paying off their loan in smaller allotments over a longer period, as opposed to the entire lump sum at the end of the stipulated loan period.

This extremely agreeable repayment option makes loans even more accessible to prospective borrowers, and will definitely be appreciated by less well-off demographics that may experience trouble with conventional repayment options. Ostensibly designed with their clients in mind, it is heartening to see a business like Cash Mojo that still shows genuine concern for its patrons.

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