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Many people take out a payday loan when they have an unexpected need for money due to a crisis but there are also often times, many of us have a need for extra cash to finance an important purchase. Brian was in such a position recently and he used LongTermLenders.com to help him out.

Brian and His Story

The economy never did quite pick up after the great crash in 2008. I’ve been stuck at my 9-5 desk job for far too long and so far have been able to etch out a decent but undoubtedly modest living. So, one could imagine my elation when I was extended a promotion for a cushy managerial position: nearly a 50% boost to my current earnings, finally some sense of authority and my own office to boot. It had all the bells and whistles.

The kicker? It’d require me to make a daily one hour commute out of the city to one of the outlying branches. The subway shuffle and mad scramble to catch the bus just wasn’t going to cut it anymore, I needed my own car. It sounded like a ridiculous prospect to make as big a purchase as a car to secure a promotion, but this promotion was one that I was actually interested in and came with great benefits. Besides, what are the chances of ever getting the same opportunity again if I were to signal my aversion to advancement by turning down the present offer?   

To that end, I made a beeline for the nearest car dealership the very same weekend to acquire for myself a trustworthy steed to ferry me down the arduous road that is career advancement. As it were, my eyes settled on a charming pre-loved Volkswagen and after a few test drives, was committed to taking her home. During negotiations however, it quickly became apparently that my meager savings would struggle to cope with payments even considering the most flexible of instalments the dealer was prepared to offer. I’d have to take up a loan to finance my new purchase. 


Loans for Bad Credit or no Credit Score

This is all well and good for most people, car loans are far from unheard of and banks usually have plans catering specifically to these situations. The difference is, those loans are meant for people with Boy Scout-esque credit scores to show. Those with poor scores, or for my case, those with virtually non-existent credit scores (I’d never seen the need to own anything beyond a debit card, do not own property nor invest) are deemed ineligible for such plans.

I was determined on getting that car, though. Originally it was purely business, just a means to secure my promotion. But somehow after those few test drives I found myself simply just really coveting that one Volkswagen, us guys really do love our cars it seems. In any case, I looked up private lenders that were willing to turn a blind eye to credit scores, and disappointingly was greeted with page after page of payday lenders. These only agree to loans of no more than several hundred at most, and frankly, even if they were willing to offer my desired sum, there’s no way I’d step foot within a mile of any of these shady dealings.

Online Payday Loans Application 

Eventually, I stumbled upon LongTermLenders.com, they stood out as the first business that was prepared to offer a loan as large as the one I had in mind, and touted same-day approval without the dreaded credit check. Granted, it sounded fishy at first glance, but no harm in taking a closer look. 

First impressions struck me surprisingly well. The site was clean and upfront about what I was getting into, and I was very happy to be reminded that they offer large loans of up to $25,000 which was eerily the exact sum I required, and sure enough, they didn’t require a credit check. I was definitely interested but at the same time understandably wary. After all, since when did any deal on the Internet turn out exactly as promised? Especially so for an industry so saturated with frauds and scams that entire categories of common ploys were named after them? While Long Term Lenders seemed to be offering what I desired, I didn’t feel right until I ran a background check on them.

And to my surprise, that check came up squeaky clean. There’s no lack of positive reviews from both individual bloggers and organized panels vouching for Long Term Lender’s services, an impressive deluge of clients’ testimonials further attest to their credibility. User endorsements aside, Long Term Lenders seems to be a pretty established player in its own right, having been around for quite some time (a rare feat in this industry) and is backed up by a host of reputable firms including Springleaf, Avant Credit and Winship. Their track record is certainly impressive and despite extensive cross-referencing I could find no discernable fault to doubt them upon. Satisfied and convinced with their legitimacy, I returned to the main site.

Registration was overall a simple and quick affair. All I had to do was fill out some contact details, specify the loan terms such as the sum I’d be requiring and the loan period I’d be comfortable with. The corresponding interest fees are generated on the spot and I really appreciated the honest disclosure of what I was getting into. Whilst they did come steeper than traditional bank loans, it’s still miles away from the obscene APRs most payday lenders demand. In exchange, I receive the promise of accelerated same-day approval and my non-existent credit score is now a non-issue instead of a veto factor. I submitted my application with no further issue.

Next came the real moment of truth: was I actually going to receive my cash? Payday lenders have been known to tout same-day approval but in reality toy with the semantics. While the loan is technically approved on the same day, it often takes upwards of a week for the funds to actually materialize in one’s bank account. During this one week delay, the lender is more than likely conducting the very credit check they were supposed to skip to determine exactly just how far they can crank the interest fee dial.

So you can imagine my surprise when 27 minutes later, I received a notification stating that the $25,000 was now sitting snugly in my savings account. I was completely impressed because Long Term Lenders had managed to do what so many of their industry counterparts had failed to do – deliver as promised. It is truly a sad state of affairs when a business manages to distance itself simply by achieving the basic task of making good on their claims, but I’m not complaining. Finding a legitimate and reputable lender in the current market is a downright gem and I’m thankful for coming across Long Term Lenders.

Getting My Volkswagen

I’ve since been able to foot the deposit for my Volkswagen with a peace of mind and will be commencing work at my new office next Monday. This was largely possible to the good folks at LongTermLenders.com and I’m more than pleased to have done business with them.

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