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Pete is one person I have known for some time and it was me who actually referred him to a payday loans direct lender that I felt met his needs. He had a very positive experience and he was keen to share with the readers of this site his story..

Pete and His Story

Recently I’ve fallen into a bit of a rut as far as finances go. I work a standard 9-5 (or more accurately a 9.30 – 6.30) job and for the most part it’s been enough for a modest but fairly comfortable life. Regrettably, I landed the misfortune of a pretty severe injury while out hiking that left my ACL in rather bad shape. Being a non-workplace related injury my insurance agency was all too quick to point out that I couldn’t be covered, and I found myself in the red for almost a couple grand to cover the surgery and after-care treatments. Despite this, it was an obvious decision to make. I’ve always valued my health foremost, and besides, every day I waste being injured means another day spent not working, the recovery process was going to be a lengthy one so it was imperative to get patched up as soon as possible.

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Weighing the options given my predicament, I eventually decided to take up a loan to cover my medical expenses. My credit score wasn’t exactly favorable and I was ineligible for standard bank loans. Two grand is a daunting fee to ask of friends and family and frankly I wasn’t comfortable with the idea either, there’s simply too many ways for things to go wrong. There were of course payday lenders, but those only offer a loan of up to several hundred at most unless you put up collateral, but I wouldn’t patronize those establishments even if they did offer me all of the two grand I needed. 

First Choice Capital Resources

Eventually, I was referred to First Choice Capital Resources by a friend who found himself in a similar situation when his back gave way one unfortunate summer. I was hesitant at trying out online lenders at first, but he was a trusted friend and at the very least, they were the first lender that were prepared to offer the sum I needed on quick notice despite my credit scores, so I gave the option a further look.

First impressions looked pretty good all said and done. First Choice offers a comprehensive spectrum of loan plans customized to the borrower’s needs. There were of course the short term, low-sum loans reminiscent of payday loans and there was the option to crank up the loan period and loan cap to larger amounts. All variants of loans were promised to be subject to near-instant approval regardless of your credit score. The only hitch was that fees would be a tad higher than most conventional loans offered by banks, but this was in return for all the aforementioned perks, which sounded right and fair. 

I’m a natural skeptic, especially when it comes to private lenders, deals that seem too good often turn out to be just that. So I decided to do some sleuthing around to ascertain if First Choice really was running a legit operation. And to my surprise, they came up spotless. Despite lengthy trawls through an endless sea of search pages, First Choice consistently came up positively reviewed by individual users and organized panels alike, with no lack of strong testimonials vouching for the quality of their service. They’re also quite the established player in the industry it seems, backed by no less than 30 reputable lenders including Citibank, SunCorp and Westpac with a lengthy and impressive track record to boot. If only my CV looked as good, perhaps I’d have a job that pays enough to not require me to take out a loan every time I break something.

A Direct Lender Approves Fast!

Suitably convinced and satisfied, I returned to First Choice’s site and filled out a simple online application form for a loan of $2000, to be repaid in three months. The stipulated APR was indeed steeper than what one could expect from a bank loan, but it was still a lot kinder than the astronomical figures that payday lenders throw around (is it even legal for rates to begin at 400%?). And again, these rates are in return for the lender agreeing to overlook your credit score, which is a pretty precarious position for them to assume, given the risks of defaulters. All things considered, it was very much a fair deal. I proceeded with my application with no discernable hiccup; the process was smooth and pretty user friendly. All that was left was to wait and see how long it’d take for the loan to be approved.

Turned out, I didn’t have to wait very long at all. I received a notification that the full $2000 had been credited to my savings account just a mere 39 minutes later. In an industry where transaction times are often spelt out in days or even weeks, this may have very well been akin to bringing a NASCAR to a snail race. Most payday lenders claim to skip the credit check and promise same-day approval, but take great liberties with the semantics. While the loan is technically “approved” on the same day, it can take as much as a week before the funds ever reach your account, during which the lenders are conducting the supposedly omitted credit check to see how much interest they can do you in for. I was extremely pleasantly surprised, to say the least, in an industry saturated with frauds and red tape, a lender that simply delivers as promised is nothing short of a godsend.

I’ve since returned to my orthopedist and am scheduled for an operation within the week. With luck, I’ll be up and running again in a fortnight and at least be fit enough to resume my 9-5 job. Given the generous loan period, I’m pretty confident that I’ll be able to make repayment as stipulated and I’m glad to say that most of my affairs for the near future are pretty much in order. Loans aren’t something I’d like to have to deal with given a choice, but when a rough patch hits, a reliable and trustworthy lender like First Choice Capital Resources is definitely appreciated.

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