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Nadia is someone you would not think would need to approach a payday loan service but life’s little inconvenience put her into a small rut and she had to get some cash fast. But her knowledge of the payday loan industry is extremely limited and she does not want to walk into a payday loan shop asking for a loan as that is too intimidating for a petite lady like Nadia. The next best thing to do was for her to use a payday loan matching service online which will recommend the ideal loan based on her needs and current situation. So here goes her story.

Nadia and Her Story

100dayloans - payday loans matchingLife as a fresh graduate isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You’d think that a management degree would open up doors or at the very least grant more favourable terms when seeking jobs. Well I’ve got bad news for you, sunshine. Unless your ideal life involves grinding coffee beans as a barista whilst waiting for your application at Generic Big Wigs Inc. to be rejected for the umpteenth time, then you’re out of luck. But I guess everyone has to pay their dues before finally getting a break, it is a competitive economy after all. For the most part my espresso-laden job had been fairly uneventful, allowed a decent bit of free time and provided for a decent, if modest, lifestyle. 

It was almost bearable, until one of my appliances decided that it finally had enough and flat out quit. That was what happened to my fridge last weekend. And incidents like these aren’t friendly to the humble barista or his wallet. My rent was going to be due in a week’s time, and I couldn’t afford to pay for both that and a new ice box without going into the red. My landlord was a curmudgeonly old woman, and negotiations were fruitless, as was the case with my boss when I approached her for an advance. I was pressed for funds with payday being a good 3 weeks away.

I’d long heard about payday loans and the accompanying horror stories attached to them, for the most part I’d refrained from taking up such loans and honestly, didn’t have much reason to. My present scenario back then changed things a little, though, and was pretty much a situation tailor made for such loans. I reasoned that since I didn’t exactly have much to risk, only seeking to loan $160, and was suitably educated about the more common pitfalls befalling most borrowers, I’d be okay as long as I wasn’t careless. I mulled it over long enough and before long fired up trusty ol’ Google for a good bit of careful searching. 

Online Loan Lenders in a Single Site

Unsurprisingly, the majority of hits turned out to be the exact duds that we’ve been told to look out for. They didn’t even seem to make a decent effort at trying, sounding more like Omegle spambots or rejected lines from my junk folder. Disheartened, I asked around and thankfully was referred to 100DayLoans.com by a colleague. Apparently, it was one of the few online payday lenders that actually do run a clean ship, which doesn’t bode very well for the industry when legit businesses are the exception than the norm. 

I looked it up and first impressions looked pretty good. For one thing, it was perhaps the first payday site that had proper grammar and a clean looking page. Besides that, there weren’t any overly aggressive taglines and they neatly disclosed their terms upfront, a much appreciated change. Even though I trusted my friend’s recommendation, I still nonetheless searched around for information on 100DayLoans and was pleased to see that it comes out clean, with no lack of testimonials from satisfied users and positive reviews from both individual and panel-based writers. 

I was satisfied enough with their credentials and decided to go for it. Registration was simple enough, and I really appreciate the real-time generation of the interest fees corresponding to my inputs. All I had to do was stipulate the loan amount and loan period, and the appropriate interest fee would be displayed upfront – the transparency was very much welcome. The process was simple and very user-friendly, no faults there. 100DayLoans also doesn’t take your credit score as a veto factor, a definite boon to people with poor credit or in my case, no credit to speak of. Granted, you do get better rates if your credit score is favourable, but at least it still leaves the door open to those with less desirable scores. If banks did the same, I wouldn’t have to go through all this in the first place. All things said and done, registration took me a little over three minutes and while the rates were a tad higher than what I could expect from conventional loans, it was still leagues better than the downright vulgar rates most payday lenders were demanding. Not much left for me to do but sit back and wait.

Small Cash Advance Loans

And I didn’t have to wait every long, within a mere 17 minutes I received word that my account had been credited with the full $160 that I had applied for. Bless my colleague, she really did point me in the right direction. I was initially worried that 100DayLoans would have turned out like the majority of payday lenders that merely tout same-day approval but in reality toy with the technicalities. Often, while the loan is indeed approved on the same day in order to validate their claim, it can take as long as an entire week before funds ever reach the borrower’s account. In the meantime, the lender will more than likely have been busy conducting the very same credit check it promised to omit, to get a better idea of just how much interest they are legally allowed to extract from the unsuspecting client. And trust me, they aren’t shy about it. Standard rates begin at unholy figures like 400%, and it isn’t rare for them to break the 3 digit range either.

Yet here I was, money in hand exactly as promised, with perfectly reasonable loan terms that were specified by me and me alone. For all the warnings and horror stories I’d heard about payday loans prior, my experience with 100 Day Loans was a complete and pleasant surprise. I’ve since been able to pay my rent with no issue in addition to putting down a deposit for a new fridge. Its delivery is scheduled within the week and thanks to 100 Day Loans my balance sits comfortably in the green. Overall, it was a very positive experience, perhaps if more payday lenders operated as reliably and efficiently as 100DayLoans.com, the private lending industry would have a better reputation.

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