asherkingThis is about financial smartness for people who takes out payday loans, or are trying to struggle out of debts and how to make that extra income to live better. There are many of us who cannot get a decent bank account and do not have a credit card to our name. We managed our expenses weekly and survive from week to week. And we take out payday loans and many other short term cash advances or loans to get by. This site is to share the information on how to do it smartly and not get trap into a ton of debts and also how to live life a bit cheaply and improve our life financially.

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[info_box title=”Payday Loan” icon_url=”” type_column=”alpha” ]Taking Payday Loans to get by was almost natural to me in the past but I got smart and learnt to pay on time and started thinking[/info_box]
[info_box title=”Get Out of Debt” icon_url=””]I learnt to get out of my debt by consolidating my debts and also I started to learn to earn a side income[/info_box]
[info_box title=”Save An Emergency Fund” icon_url=”” type_column=”omega”]I started to save an emergency fund that helped me tide over many urgent needs and also helped to better my life[/info_box]


I have gotten out of a life of taking payday loans to survive because I had taken steps to make a small income on the side on top of my weekly pay. Nothing to shout about but it has allowed me to save enough to make my life better and also to tide me over many family and personal emergencies. You should also take steps to overcome your current financial situation and do not rely only on payday loans to get over last minute needs.

Are you living from pay check to pay check? Do you have a savings of less than $500? Do you take out payday loans for emergencies? If you answer yes, then you are amongst 12 million people  who turn to payday loans every year. Payday loans are a last resort for many of us and if you have taken a payday loan, it is nothing to be ashamed about. But it will be a shame if you do not know how to choose a lender and how to ensure you pay back timely to avoid the high fees.

There are many lenders out in the markets and there are many quality lenders and many scams and unreasonable lenders. We should research about the fees and conditions that each lenders tag to their loans before signing on the dotted line. And after taking the loans, we must plan to be able to pay back timely to avoid the high fees. 

I have personally used a number of payday loans and the below are a few that i had some experience with:

1. First Choice Capital Resources

First Choice Capital Resources-280x180First Choice Capital Resources offers both short term loans (payday loans of up to $1000) as well as longer term loans which can go up to $2500. It is much easier to get an approval from First Choice Capital Resources as they do not look at your credit ratings. They are also able to give quite competitive rates as they are an established company whom have been around for a long time. 

2. 100 Day Loans


100 Day Loans is more like a loan search engine. It is based in Arizona and it supports customers throughout United States. It uses a network of more than 160 lenders and it helps customers find the best available small-dollar loans. You use 100 Day Loans to find potential lenders who can give you a rate that is suitable for you.

I cannot say that these three are the best but i have not had problems with them. Their fees are reasonable and I was able to get my money within a business day after getting approval. Paying them back took some discipline of course and I was not always successful but luckily i managed to cut some expenses and also I used a debt management service once too. That was very helpful and I have since managed to earn some extra income which has helped me to stay afloat even in times of emergency.

After loaning too many times than I could care to count, I decided to try to earn some extra cash by working at home. This is on top of my day job but I managed to earn enough to pay for luxuries and a better quality life after one year. This is what i encourage everyone to do. Start something small to earn money that can be saved up. This will allow you to build a savings to build a better future and also create an emergency cash kitty bank so that you are not beholden to payday loans in the future. 

I took a year before i saved up to $1000. I kept this money for purely emergency and it took a lot of personal discipline not to splurge the money when i hit the target. It was worth the while and i am now free from taking regular loans to tide over emergencies. How I did it was that I did several things. I did surveys that pay me $5 per survey and I also sold things on Ebay. This let me saved whatever I needed and I enjoyed the satisfaction of making small contributions to my emergency cash funds each time I get a check in the mail. 

So there you have it. Learn to take a payday loan the smart way and learn to overcome the need to take loans for emergencies by putting aside a savings for rainy days. And then learn to make more money so that you can better your life style and your family.

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Taking Payday Loans And Surviving it
You have to learn how to be smart when you use payday loans. I was labeled as unbankable and had to take payday loans to get by but luckily i got smarter and learn to choose and use payday loans properly and get out of my situation.